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    Non ducor, duco

    [I am not led, I lead]

    S?o Paulo city motto

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    Home to nearly 18 million people, S?o Paulo ranks among the ten largest metropolitan areas in the world. It has the greatest GDP of any Latin American city and is expected to boast one of the highest rates of economic growth in the world over the next 20 years.

    Study with ISM in S?o Paulo to experience life in one of the world's great metropolises. Absorb the warmth and colour of Brazilian culture, and gain a local perspective on Latin American markets and business practices.

    Programs available

    • Two-week programs in international business, focusing on Brazil and Latin America
    • Provided in collaboration with our local partner institution
    • Offered each autumn on a rotating basis with our Cape Town, New Delhi and Shanghai locations

    City Facts

    • Largest city in the southern hemisphere (12 million inhabitants)

    • Business capital of South America

    • Largest GDP of any Latin American city

    • Provides 40% of Brazil's industrial output

    • Home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan


    Based in the World Trade Center S?o Paulo - the largest business complex in Latin America - HSM Educa??o is one of the leading executive education providers in Brazil.

    With top business professionals and academics, HSM gives students the Brazilian perspective on current best practices in global management. HSM is part of a larger Brazilian education group, ?nima Educa??o, which has more than 80,000 students across its different campuses and is accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

    Interested in joining the S?o Paulo program as part of the International Certificate Program?

    Contact [email protected] for more information.

    The student view

    Going through ISM, and the contacts that I made, gave me the opportunity to get my dream job with my dream company in London. This definitely would not have happened if I had not finished my MBA at ISM.

    The flexibility that ISM offers is truly unparalleled. The ability to seamlessly transition between regular lectures and distance-based e-learning is yet another advantage.

    I found it very helpful that you can break your coursework into manageable amounts so you can really focus on the coursework, but also continue to have a normal work and family life.

    ISM offers flexibility without compromising the quality of the academic experience.

    I've been able to study with 18 different nationalities in a group of 20 students. The diversity of opinions and perspectives is truly remarkable.

    ISM is very hands-on with the development of its students and creates professionals destined for greater horizons.

    The entrepreneurship course I took at ISM was pivotal. The professor was able to create a shift in the how we viewed innovation and entrepreneurship.

    The small class sizes help us connect to the professors.

    Studying at ISM is a great way to learn, see the world, and expand your international network.

    If you want international exposure and practical learning, and you don't want to interrupt your work while you study, then ISM is the place to be.

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